More New Roses!

Im avoiding taking pictures of the whole garden because everything is looking really skimpy right now, and theres more mulch than anything else! I will get out there soon and start documenting how things are growing, and how the beds are filling up. Probably... 

8 new roses came in the mail, 2 new hydrangeas came in the mail, all the irrigation tubing came in the mail! Almost all the shrubs I was wanting for this year are already in the ground and growing- now I just have a dozen or so perennials I want to buy and I think the garden is off to a solid start. This week was the first time I was able to build an arrangement with 100% garden grown material- and that was pretty awesome. I finally feel ready for the season to start! 

Oh and for a sad fact for anyone that might ever read this- Most flower farmers do not keep tulip bulbs from year to year because they don't bloom well after harvesting the first year.  Well screw that - Im keeping them just to see what happens.