I guess we do yellows now

I distinctly remember declaring to a friend last year "I HATE yellow flowers!" I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this spring, I cant get enough! Lemony Yellows are so joyful and underutilized -and seem perfect for this time of year when we are all desperate for reminders of summer. 

Wintery White and Burgundy

Exerpts from a late winter wedding at a private residence. Hellebores, Sweet Peas, Ranunculus, Olive, Astrantia, Pieris, Jasmine, Peony.

Film Photography by Kate DeLorme

Early Summer Apricot and Gold

Some fun floral play before a woodsy wedding! 

Film Photography By Cozbi Jean Photography

Early Summer Studio Work

Collection from late spring- early summer. 


Any excuse...

Normally people that have weddings in the winter don't really ask for "summery" flowers- so GENERALLY shipping in delicate dainty flowers is not something I need to do! We have so many amazing local growers in the PNW, that during the growing season- I just don't feel the need! 

That being said, theres always SOME event in the winter that makes sense to bring in special flowers to change the look and feel of an arrangement. I felt like Weddings in Woodinville was a perfect opportunity to showcase some unique and beautiful flowers, that I rarely get the chance to work with (ever, much less in winter!)

Japanese Spirea, Japanese Ranunculus, Japanese Sweet peas, Japanese Scabiosa, Australian Flannel flower, Italian Eucalyptus, Hellebores, Garden roses, Chocolate Cosmos, Foraged greens, blackberries and more- all went into these arrangements. 

These are some studio shots I took while waiting to pack them all up into the van. 


Ashley + Clinton Private Residence

The following is why September is such an amazing month to get married in Washington! Its not too hot, its still sunny - and so many gorgeous flowers are availible as the temperatures start to cool. Ashley and Clinton got married at a private family residence, with all their friends and family. They wanted something casual, romantic, soft- in desert colors to match the surroundings. These two are were so wonderful and sweet to work with- and the amazingly talented Kristen Marie Parker captured it all while doing double duty as a bridesmaid!

Its almost been 6 months, but this wedding feels like it was yesterday. These warm, sunny, emotional pictures are exactly what I need in the middle of winter. 

Featured flowers used: Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, garden roses, white Scabiosa, Eucalyptus, Native snowberries, Veronica, Protea, Smilax

All photos by Kristen Marie Parker.