The Farm


WHY grow flowers

I grow as many unusual and unique flowers and plants as I can cram into our city-sized lot in South Park, Seattle. I spend the winters researching, sourcing and sowing in order to have something new and exciting growing every year. The farm gives me an opportunity to grow and bring you more interesting materials and colors than you will find at most flower markets. Almost every arrangement and bouquet that leaves the BFF studio includes something that we have grown ourselves! The freshness in color, scent, and quality of flowers that come straight from the garden is incredible, and everyone deserves to experience flowers at their very best.


Our farm started from a lumpy lawn, untouched for over almost 100 years. It is now in its first few seasons of soil rebuilding, amending, and initial planting. Our flowers and foliage are grown using organic practices and we work hard to increase the soil's fertility and biodiversity every year.

Future plans include incorporating bee hives to the farm and expanding into other parts of South Park to beautify and rehabilitate unused public places. 


If you are interested in buying cut flowers email me directly. Flowers are available as they are in season, and while quantities last. 

Early summer Farm

More images form the farm coming soon...