Why, Hello!

BFF Carey Wendel

I usually start with a single inspiring element - a branch - a color - a single flower - and build an entire theme around it. My designs tends to be botanical, airy, full of movement and special tid-bits: tiny muddy-colored flowers, dried seed heads, plants steeped in history...  

A horticultural nerd at heart, I am particularly interested in matching people with plants, and embracing unexpected, seasonal botanicals to create a unique snapshot of a time and place.

The name Bleedfoot, while unorthodox, speaks to my energetic spirit & passion for exploration, adventure, and hard work.  It is a pseudonym for all the powerful and wild things things I strive to embody - a reminder to myself to live passionately.

I have a background in fine arts, horticulture, and graphic design, and have always ended up returning to plants and nature as my most powerful inspiration. 

I am currently living in South Seattle with my husband, two matching cats, and my ever-growing rose collection.